Amazon is rumoured to be working on a messaging app named Anytime. This was first reported when a customer received a survey regarding the features for the app. According to the survey, the app supports voice and video calls along with normal text messages.

The app also has the capability of sending images, videos, GIFs, and emoticons. The survey denotes that the app might be highly developed with options to add filters and special effects to photos and videos along with changing the colour and background of the conversations.


Talking About the best feature of the app is that it supports many services from Amazon like shopping, making reservations and also to check the status of your orders. It is also said to have encryption facilities so you don’t have to worry about your personal details like the bank account or address. As all things are encrypted your all data would be safe and you don’t have to worry about it.

Unlike all the other popular messaging apps like Viber or Whatsapp, it will not require your phone number to start a conversation with anyone. You can just use the name of a person to start chatting. Which means you can connect with your friends and shop or order something together. It will have some features of skype where you can add users with their name.


We guess that this could be Amazon’s next big take on communication. The app is expected to launch on several platforms like Android, IOS, and even desktop so that you could chat with your friends or order a product online and all will work together with in moments.

Amazon is trying to expand its business reach to software side also. After some good hardware devices and AI like Alexa, now it’s time for Amazon to conquer the smart phones too with its apps and they are developing something that can bring a massive change in coming future.