Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who is living in exile since 2013 had helped the world to become the lot more serious about their privacy on the internet. Very often he makes quite a few virtual displays and gives his views on the state of privacy.

Edward Snowden highlighted that public cloud and proprietary software are a dent on people’s privacy in a video call conference during the OpenStack Summit. Well, Edward Snowden has a soft corner for open source software.

The reason he supports open source software is because it enables people to reveal and share information without corporate or government interference. He also mentioned few names like Debian open source OS, Tor network, as well as Tails.

To recall, Edward Snowden previously promoted the Signal app which is best known for its end-to-end encryption offering. Previously, he even shared his plans to create an iPhone privacy case. Now he is working on an open source app known as SecureDrop which is a system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources.

Another major reason why Edward Snowden supports open source tools is because when you’re running things on propriety software on hardware, you can’t tell when it spies on you “All systems should be designed to obey the users and they should not lie to the user” he said.

Edward Snowden demonstrated the fact with an example “When Apple has a security flaw … we can’t evaluate whether their response was good enough … and we have no influence over it.”

While talking more about open source he said “we don’t have to compromise. We want a better world so we’re going to build it.”

“We’re at a technology cross road. We’re at a moral dilemma we didn’t seek. We’re at an Atomic moment for computer science. … We didn’t predict how bad violent actors would use the internet. We can’t put the genie back in the bottle”

“We don’t have to make the same mistakes. We need to start working not just on what’s good for today but for the next 100 years.”