Even if you didn’t buy an Amazon Fire tablet or phone, its Appstore for Android apps was worth sideloading because it offered a buttload of paid apps and games for free.

Sadly, the Appstore is discontinuing its Underground Actually Free program, which saw Amazon pay developers for a number of time people spent using their apps. It launched in 2015 and expanded its library to offer about $10,000 worth of software at no cost to users.

From May 31, developers will no longer be able to submit apps to the Actually Free program; those that are already in will continue to generate payments based on how much time people used them for.

The apps themselves won’t die out until this summer for non-Fire device users. That deadline extends through the end of 2019 for Fire users.

So effectively, there won’t be much of a reason for people to use Amazon’s Appstore for much longer. Unless you’re rocking a Fire device, you’re probably better off heading back to Google’s Play Store, which recently began allowing devs to run sales and free offers on their paid apps, and also introduced a ‘Free App of the Week‘ section for people in the US.