Instagram is testing a major change to its platform: letting you post multiple images at once.

Droid Life reports having seen the feature pop up in the latest version of the Instagram app on Android (via on Twitter). We’ve had no luck trying to replicate it, so it’s likely a test that includes a small number of users.

Chances are you might have seen such image albums – known officially as ‘carousels‘ – within advertisements; Instagram launched the feature for businesses way back in 2015.

Instagram did not comment when contacted for more information. That sheepishness makes it seems likely it’s only a matter of time until the feature rolls out to more users.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for something of the sort for quite some time, as I often want to share more than one image from an event, but don’t feel like cluttering up my friends’ feeds.

Of course, you can use already the company’s Layout app – not to mention a myriad of third-party apps – to create collages, but in doing so you relegate important moments to even tinier quadrangles on your already-tiny phone screen. Plus, I take pride in my photos and don’t want them to be diminished to such a minuscule presence. Carousels allow you to share multiple images from a single event in their full glory.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see how the company goes about implementing it. I’d imagine a number of photos you can post in a carousel would be limited to just a few; advertisers can post a maximum of five. I think a Facebook-like album of 200 photos is probably too much for Instagram.