MS Word is the one of the most popular and even the most used software for making the text documents or project sheets etc. For this capability, only this software is also used by some of the business geeks too. Now while the Word files or the documents are shared between the firm mates, then there could be some often issue of the paper downloaded gets corrupted, although anyone else could also face the same subject (Common). What is anybody has encountered with the Word file that is either corrupted due to some reason and is not able to be accessed? Finding the recovery tools for the same would be no issue at all but the main issue is that most of these tools available don’t abide with their working, and hence you get to see no results. If that’s it then what else could you do! Don’t worry just read this article as we have stated the method through which the damaged, as well as corrupt MS Word Documents, could be quickly recovered successfully.

How to Recover Damaged/Corrupted Microsoft Office Documents

The method is quite straightforward and easy, and you just need to follow some of the simple steps that we had discussed below.

Phoenix Word Repair

Recover Damaged/Corrupt Microsoft Office Documents

As from the name of this tool you might have got up that this one is made for the purpose of recovering or repairing the MS Word Files with the file extensions .doc and .docx. This tool works constructively without damaging your case data at all.

Steps to recover MS Word Files:

1. Open the Phoenix Word Repair and then from the options there select the file that you wish to repair up.

2. After selecting the file, you just have to start up the process for the recovery and after the complete recovery of the file click on the Save icon to save it somewhere on your computer.

#2 Phoenix Excel Repair

Recover Damaged/Corrupt Microsoft Office Documents

Just like the MS Word files the Phoenix tool is also available for the recovery of the damaged or corrupt Microsoft Excel file, and the name of that tool is Phoenix Excel Repair. Now, this tool also works similarly to recover the damaged or the corrupted excel documents or files so that these could be accessed again fully without any errors.

Note: This tool has some amazing functions too that make the users too easy to recover multiple or batch files all at once. The preview of the files being recovered is also shown to you so as to get the accurate results without wasting your time.

#3 Stellar Phoenix Powerpoint Repair

Recover Damaged/Corrupt Microsoft Office Documents

Microsoft Powerpoint is the most used software for making the simple presentation projects either for school or office etc. This could become hard to face the corrupted error for the powerpoint projects right a day before your show! What could you do is use the Steller Phoenix Powerpoint Repair Tool and you would most probably get up your damaged or corrupted powerpoint files or projects back to access. This is truly very advanced and powerful tool for recovering the powerpoint files and presentations etc. so you must go for it.

#4 Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Recover Damaged/Corrupt Microsoft Office Documents

Got up your Outlook PST file corrupted or damaged? Don’t worry as like for the Word, Excel, and the powerpoint there is the method to repair or recover it too. Just go for the Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair Tool, and you would again gain access to all the contacts, tasks, notes, etc. inside your corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file. You can get your entire data inside the file restored to the new one which you could then access regularly without any issues.

This was the method through which the MS Word files could be easily recovered even if these files are either damaged or corrupt. You won’t have to just worry about the data whether or not these would be recovered because the method we have written is almost perfect to successfully gain access to your records. Go and utilize the method for your data