Google has promised a lot for the future of Google Assistant, but there’s still a lot of work to do until we get all the features seen in the original demonstrations. One thing we saw on stage back in October was Assistant interacting with various paid services, and in the latest update to the Google app, the company is taking the first step towards making those integrations official.

As discovered in an APK teardown by XDA, the latest version of the Google app, version 6.11.13 beta, contains strings of code which hint at payments coming to the service soon.

The strings below show that Google Assistant will be able to handle credit cards as most apps do, as well as offering direct links to Google support if assistance is needed. The strings also mention a Google support page which currently isn’t live, but the URL does show that Assistant on Google Home will also have support for payments.

From what we can tell, payments through Assistant/Home will probably be used for delivery services or online shopping. While services like Uber are already supported by Google Home, it seems like these integrations could be used for things such as Google Express Shopping.

Further, the code also suggests that Assistant will feature “shared devices,” but it’s unclear exactly what that means. I would speculate that it would enable payments on a device-by-device basis so only certain phones and Google Homes can access payment sources, perhaps to keep children from accidentally ordering items.

It’s unclear when Google will roll this out officially, but since the company has already confirmed this will happen, it probably won’t be all that long.