Thanks to this month’s update to Office 365, you can now co-author in PowerPoint, upload attachments in Outlook and use a new Shared With Me view across Office 365 apps. The changes add some of the cloud functionality already offered by Google Drive.

Via Office 365’s PowerPoint you’ll now see real-time co-authoring abilities so you can see what others you’re working with are typing or changing as they do it. That matches what you see in Google Docs when two people are editing. Differently, however, when changes are made in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android and Windows Mobile (coming soon to iOS) you’ll now get a notification. I can see how that might get a little tedious.

You won’t need to download OneDrive files to attach them to an email or to download an attachment just to upload it to OneDrive so you can share it with others. Outlook will now support saving and sharing permissions for documents. This applies to pictures, files and contacts, among other file types.

Also spanning across several Office 365 apps, Microsoft added a new Share With Me feature. Through this tab in Word, Excel and PowerPoint you can find and open documents that others have shared with you. It works very similarly to OneDrive’s folder structure. Microsoft also added a Recent Folders list in the Recent tab of each of the key programs.