How many times have you noticed that, when searching for a product in any online store, it starts to appear in all advertisements from other websites that you visit?

This is because almost everything you do on the Internet can be tracked. And thanks to ““, a web experiment created by Dutch researchers from where you can get a good idea of how this works.

By accessing the site for the first time, you find a huge green button and a blinking cursor. Within seconds, even without doing anything, he will begin to track their data, showing on the screen which browser you are using, how many cores have the CPU of your machine has, you made some movement with the mouse and other information.

Each action you take is recorded and described both on screen and by a voice through robotics (and half sarcastic). The site also compares its actions with those of other users, and even try to guess some more personal information (such as gender) based on their behavior. Even what you do outside the site can be captured.

From there, the begins to function as a strange but addictive game click. After some time, certain actions unlock achievements, such as clicking the button 100 times, open the site in other browsers, do not click on anything for a certain time, etc. There are more than 100 different achievements, which are very difficult to complete: I almost did not pass the 40% on my first try.

The was created by VPRO Medialab, in collaboration with the project WE ARE DATA, to demonstrate how we are almost always constantly being watched on the Internet (often without our consent) and how this information has become increasingly valuable to businesses. Therefore, when it appears that the product you searched is magically chasing you through the Internet, know that this is not a mere coincidence.