You couldn’t even Snapchat away your stress Wednesday after a shocking presidential election.


Snapchat was down for about an hour Wednesday afternoon. The company initially reported they were looking into problems with the messaging app and then sent out an update that the “issues” had been resolved.

Some Snapchatters are having trouble with the app. We’re looking into it! 🙁

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) November 9, 2016


Some recent issues with the app have been resolved. Please try again. Happy Snapping!

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) November 9, 2016


Only about 30 minutes into the outage, people were starting to really freak out. And blame our new president-elect.

#snapchat is my life and now it’s down I feel like I have nothing, great. Straight after another update😩

— Nicole Sawyer (@nicolesawyer242) November 9, 2016


Forget Trump!!!! #snapchat is down and I literally have no idea what to do with myself!!!!! 😩

— Kerri McGovern (@kerri_mcg90) November 9, 2016


Snapchat is down. I 100% blame Trump for this travesty.

— chloeosaurusrex (@chloeosaurusrex) November 9, 2016


It seemed like too much after a crazy election night. Snapchat is an outlet for people and when it’s down, we’re all down.

I’m not sure if people are more upset about Trump winning, lack of voting stickers, or snapchat being down.. hmm

— Ry Ry the Guy (@Myan_Richael) November 9, 2016