As announced and arriving just in time for the Pixel’s release, the Android 7.1 Developer Preview is now available for the Nexus 5X, 6P, and Pixel C. With Google customizing the software on the Pixel, there were some questions as to what’s exclusive to the new phones and what features are a part of stock Android.

After loading up the developer preview on a Nexus 5X, we’ve found some nice improvements to Android. Keep reading for our complete list of all the changes in Android 7.1.1…

Compared to the first Android N developer preview earlier this year, Google notes that the upcoming previews are of “beta quality” due to 7.1 already being “launched on Pixel.” The developer preview is meant to test out the device-specific issue, with updates coming for other supported Nexus and Android One devices later on.

Google notes that users might encounter system instability and higher than expected battery drain when the device battery is low. There are also some freezing issues when playing videos in multiple windows and changing the volume. Fortunately, the Developer Preview is Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) approved and therefore Android Pay should work.

App Shortcuts


The most obvious user-facing feature of Android 7.1 is app shortcuts. At the moment, first-party Google apps are the only ones to support them. Accessible from both the launcher and app drawer, the shortcuts can be dragged out as individual home screen icons for much quicker access. Unfortunately, they cannot be reordered.



Unlike 3D Touch on the iPhone, a generic long press to access the shortcuts means there is no way to move an icon without first initiating the shortcut. With the Android 7.1 APIs finalized, developers can begin updating their apps with shortcuts and round icons for the Pixel Launcher. Unfortunately, the Nexus 5X even with the Pixel Launcher sideloaded does not feature circular icons.

Reworked Quick Toggles




The next major UI and UX change in Android 7.1 are reworked Quick Settings that add another toggle to the row. The Quick Toggles screen now features a Settings shortcut and next to it a button that slides down the full panel. Previously, the Settings icon was only accessible after another swipe. Overall, I think this will be the most useful day-to-day change in 7.1.

Restart option in Power menu



Settings adds a Support tab




Sound and volume panel features text above icons






Like on the Pixel, Settings now features a Moves screen that includes the double-twist gesture to switch in and out of selfie mode in Google Camera. Additionally, the Ambient Display setting is now listed here.

Redesigned Check for Update screen



Google has finally removed the button that users frequently and futilely smash to receive new updates. The update screen now lists the Android version and security patch level.