TALLINN: Upwardly- mobile , tech-savvy young professionals across the globe are swapping their briefcases and brogues for backpacks and sneakers, setting themselves up as digital nomads who can operate from wherever their laptops can go.

Jobbatical and Teleport, two recent tech startups , promise to take the guess-work out of digital job hunting on a global scale.

Both hail from tiny tech titan Estonia and are part of a crop of cutting-edge online sites catering to digital nomads, typically young males who work remotely and move around regions like Southeast Asia every few months.

Their creators insist the startups have the potential to shake things up on the global job market, similar to how Estonians previously transformed global communications with Skype and digital international money transfers via Transferwise.

Tallinn-based entrepreneur Karoli Hindriks said she launched Jobbatical two years ago to fill the growing gaps she noticed in global recruiting.

With employment offers from Greece, to Thailand and Costa Rica among others, it takes just a few clicks of the mouse for product or account managers, programmers and other tech professionals to land a dream job, whether programming in Malaysia’s tropical paradise of Penang or managing an adventure travel operation in Bali.

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Jobbatical targets “adventurous tech , business, and creative professionals with over five years of working experience,” Hindriks told AFP at the Latitude59 technology conference in Estonia’s capital Tallinn.

She points to “a generational mindset shift” as key to her client base of 70,000 unique users each month across 150 countries.

“The Millennial’s view of success isn’t necessarily a house, a well-paying job and a picket fence.

“There’s a huge shift towards defining success as working in terms of things that one truly believes in, and appreciating experiences over material possessions.”

New technologies , less expensive international travel and communications mean that moving around to work is “becoming smoother and cheaper than ever,” she added.

Most Jobbatical offers involve positions that, like sabbaticals, last around 12 months, creating a revolving client base.

The company takes a “success” fee of five percent of the annual salary upon hiring